Hello, alumni! We're in the midst of application season, and this summer we want to see YOUR version of a YoungArts application post or ad. Have a fun idea for convincing other 15-18 year-old artists to apply to YoungArts? Submit a proposal to create a unique image/design, GIF, song, written piece or video that speaks to potential applicants! (Prime examples here and here.) We'll choose ten of those ideas which, when completed, will be posted across YoungArts' social media platforms and will receive a $100 honorarium.

Deadline to submit proposals: Sunday, July 29 at 11:59pm Pacific Time

Ideas will be chosen by Friday, Aug 3

Final content due by Monday, Aug 20


Please submit a written summary of your social media post or ad idea, explaining the concept and medium, and at least one supporting material. 

  • Your concept can be silly or serious or simply good-looking, and it can be as simple or as complicated as you want (as long as it's possible for you to do within the timeline and considering YoungArts will not cover production costs). 
  • You can play with existing YoungArts branding or use your own aesthetic. 
  • Final work needs to exist in a visual way to be posted on social media -- further technical guidelines below
  • The aim is to convince 15-18 year-olds to apply to YoungArts, but we welcome ideas that speak to the parents of those artists, as well! You can also create something that specifically speaks to applicants who have started applications but not yet finished.
  • You CAN submit a collaboration with other YoungArts alumni, although the $100 honorarium is per proposal, not per person. 
  • We prefer if projects do not include notable involvement by non-YoungArts folk (sorry -- we out here trynna support our fam).
  • It should be PG -- PG-13 tops (no heavy cursing, no nudity, no drugs or alcohol).
  • If selected, we may offer feedback to make sure the application information is communicated clearly and accurately.

For your supporting material(s), please include a sketch, draft or storyboard of your concept, or an example of similar work you've created. Include at least one supporting material, or as many as you want. If you wish to link to videos online, upload a .doc or .pdf with any links and passwords (if applicable).



  • Your concept can be just one image or a cohesive series of up to ten images. 
  • Images can be graphic design, photography, painting, drawing -- any way you want to communicate your message. If you create sculptures/mixed media objects, you'd ultimately deliver quality images of your sculptures/objects as the final product.
  • Final files will need to be .jpg or .png
  • Horizontal images should not be wider than a 3:2 ratio (unless you're doing one of those sliding gallery Instagram posts where the images create one long horizontal image) and vertical images should not be taller than a 4:5 ratio.


  • Can be one GIF or a cohesive series of up to ten GIFs. 
  • GIFs should be less than 15 seconds per cycle, but be able to loop forever. 
  • Final files will need to be .gif, .mp4, or .mov (no audio)
  • Horizontal GIFs should not be wider than a 3:2 ratio and vertical GIFs should not be taller than a 4:5 ratio.


  • Songs should be original and not be longer than 1 minute once recorded.
  • Songs can ultimately be presented as video or audio files. If you do not have a nice camera, you can film yourself performing your song using a smart phone camera as long as you have decent lighting and acoustics. Alternatively, you can record the audio of your song and we'll post it with a still image of application materials or the lyrics. (Or maybe you collaborate with a visual or cinematic artist for the visual component? 😉 Especially if you are submitting a composition without lyrics.)
  • You can rewrite lyrics to a popular song, but your video/audio CANNOT include any playback of copyrighted songs or instrumentals that you don't own the rights to.


  • Poems, spoken word, short stories, scripts and plays are all welcome.
  • Written work should not exceed 750 words and spoken word videos should not exceed 1 minute. 
  • Written work can be sent as text (we'll convert to text images...unless you collaborate with a visual artist/designer!). Spoken word videos will need to be .mp4 or .mov


  • Videos can be up to 3 minutes long, with a cohesive 1 minute excerpt possible (for Instagram)
  • Videos can be short films, infomercials, animation, dance...anything where the final product is a video, as long as your message about applications is clear!
  • Videos will need to be .mp4 or .mov
  • Your final work CANNOT include copyrighted music, unless you own the rights (or a YoungArts friend with the rights lets you use it!).

If you have any questions, ask us on social media or email isantos@youngarts.org.